About Us

Hurst Industrial Contractor

      Hurst Industrial was established in 1972. We have decades of experience to build the service skill needed for the job.  We are performance driven. Our abilities to solve project problems with Engineering sets us apart from other Contractors.

      Engineering continues to be the most valuable service that we offer our Clients. Any project done must begin with a comprehensive Engineering plan that will benefit you. Our Clients needs are well thought out plans of action and follow critical path guidelines.

      Most Engineering challenges originated from our Customer’s request for maintenance service, or a need to rectify a chronic problem at their operation facilities. Some of our biggest projects have been the result of responding to an emergency service call. Our goal is to respond to your operational needs, and return production facilities to full profitability with our timely response.

      Engineering, concrete, steel and motion millwright skill sets compliment each other, and the bundling together of the skills is an absolute necessity for a Competent General Contractor of capital and maintenance projects.

      Our Customers will also verify that we are a dependable Contractor that you can trust to get your job done right.

To learn more about our other services we offer visit us @ hurstic.co